I know someone that recently filed for bankruptcy that has an old car that was paid off and no longer works but was included in the bankruptcy. They are wondering if they can get rid of it somehow or take it to a junkyard without getting in trouble. Does anyone know what options they have to get rid of the vehicle??

My dad taught me how to drive a white 9000. Im in the AF. I drove a freight liner flatbed in Iraq. The military doesnt have cdl endorsements. I am trying to get my cdl A to eventually become an owner operator. I am only Guard now and I dont make much. The GI bill wont cover the schooling. I need someone willing to allow me road time , practice, and the truck to take my test. I am in Cumberland County. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

I took out a second and did home improvements to my home…just in time for the market crash. I’m now either barely even, or a little upside down. Are there any options to refi to a lower rate, or do I need to wait for values to climb again?

I need to know what student loans that I have out. I have bounced around so many schools I forget

What type of bank account should i make on bankofamerica to use with paypal for online shopping?

My mother swears she saw on the news that Bush borrowed money from China for this, and I cannot find any source to support or deny this when searching on line. I just want to know the truth about where the money came from.

I’ve started a new job and filled and sent off a P46 tax form because my previous job didnt send me a P45 but they have now sent me one, so i’ll need to send the P45 off. It won’t be in time for payday so i was wandering how much the emergency tax rate is for november 2011?
I’ll be earning £9922.56 a year on average, if that helps!

I just called my bank about this and they didn’t seem like they understood and didn’t answer my question but just kept trying to sell me stuff so I got annoyed and gave up.

Anyway, I had about $1000 in my account or at least I thought…and I paid for a class online that was about $500 on Monday. Well it is now Wednesday and I checked my account, which said I have $499, but when I looked under transactions it doesn’t show that I paid for the class anywhere, not even pending. Is it possible that the amount was already taken out and it’s just not showing the transaction yet or has it really not gone through yet? Because I called my school and they said the authorization HAS gone through.

I recently made payment arrangements with a collection agency in hopes to begin to fix my credit. I made one payment already, then I began to research more info on credit repair. Can I still ask for a pay to delete. The Creditor told me that once its paid in full, i will get letter to fax to Credit bureaus that will showed paid. But that still looks bad on my report doesn’t it?
This account just turned 4 years old last month with is the SOL for my state. So they can’t sue me anymore, right? Do you recommend that I continue to pay it off and leave it as Paid 120 days late or ask for pay to delete?

My ex-wife wants me to pay her cash for some money she let me borrow from her Credit card,after she just filed bankruptcy. Can she take it to small claims,even though that credit card was included in her bankruptcy?

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